Why Silvertoken

Your government currency is broken and loses value everyday. Your money is susceptible to inflation and holding value is out of your control. Take control of your money and preserve it’s value.

The Problem

All Fiat Based Currencies End in Ruin

Over 2,000 currencies have ended in ruin; from Rome until present day. The question is not “if” a your currency will collapse, it is a matter of “when” it will collapse. Money is something you work hard to earn everyday and the fact you have no control over its value is simply wrong. The very nature of a fiat based currency is inherently unfair to those who use it day to day. The Great British Pound has lost nearly 98% of its value since inception and is no longer backed by precious metals. That is the evil monster under the bed and the crime against all who use fiat currency. Government currency is becoming more and more worthless and manipulated by authorities worldwide.

High Volatility Destroys Investments

Volatility is scary and can wipe out months or years of profitable trading and investing. We see this now and in the past with Bitcoin. The price swings are huge and losses are just as big. Currently, Bitcoin is a young, speculative market and is not for those who enjoy keeping their profits. Sure, trading Bitcoin can be profitable if you know what you’re doing; but where do you put those profits? Back into Bitcoin? The answer is into a mature and stable market with intrinsic value.

Inflation Erodes Money's Value

More money is great! Right? No. More money in circulation is not better because all of the money begins to lose value. The total value remains mostly the same but it is spread thinner and thinner among the rise number of money in circulation. And where does more money come from? The short answer is, your pocket. When new money is printed, the value is stolen from your money and given to the new dollars created.

The Solution

Fully backing a currency with an asset like silver, prevents inflation, maintains your buying power and gives your money tangible value.


Sleep soundly knowing your money’s value won’t be eroded by creeping inflation.


All silver bullion is 99.9% pure meeting LMBA international purity standards for Good Delivery.

100% Silver Ownership

You have full ownership of the silver backing your Silvertokens.


Your silver bullion is fully allocated within private maximum level security vaulting facilities.


You benefit from both rising silver prices and transactional growth within the currency.


It's your silver, if you want to redeem your tokens for your silver bullion complete the simple form.