Why SilverToken

Your government currency is broken. Your money is susceptible to inflation and manipulation. Fiat means that money is only worth what the government says it is. Take control of your money and preserve its value.

The Problem

All Government Currencies End in Ruin

Since Ancient Rome to the present day over 2,000 currencies have ended in ruin. You work hard every day to earn your money, but the very nature of a government (fiat) currency is unfair to those who use it day to day: it’s just paper, and you have no control over it. Government currency is becoming more and more worthless and manipulated by authorities worldwide, and it’s just a matter of time before the next worldwide crisis caused by incompetent and corrupt governments and banks. And as always, they are not going to be the ones who pay for it.

High Volatility Destroys Profits

Volatility wipes out months or years of profitable trading and investing. We see this now and in the past with Bitcoin. The price swings are huge and losses are just as big. Right now Bitcoin is a young, speculative market and is not for those who enjoy keeping their profits. Sure, trading Bitcoin can be profitable if you know what you’re doing; but where do you put those profits? The answer is into a mature and stable asset with value.

Creation Erodes Money's Value

Governments print money to cover up their incompetence and waste. But more money in circulation doesn’t change how much the underlying economy is worth… it just dilutes it in more paper. That’s what inflation is: the total value remains the same but spread thinner and thinner among all the money in circulation. And who loses? You. When new money is printed, the value is taken out of your pocket. You are suddenly poorer because your money is only worth what the government says it is.

The Solution

A digital currency backed by a tangible asset, silver, that you actually own.


Silver has been used as a stable store of value for thousands of years. Its supply is limited and takes time and work to unearth. Silver’s value is not going away anytime soon.


SilverToken is independent of governments, banks and the risks of financial systems. The silver is stored in private vaults and insured by Lloyd’s. Thus, SilverToken is dependable and safe from inflation.

Real Asset

SilverToken is backed by real silver that is truly owned by you. It’s liquid and can be redeemed for the physical silver anytime. When SLVT is exchanged, the silver backing increases.