How SilverToken Works

It’s simple. SilverToken (SLVT) is a digital currency that uses blockchain technology. Each token represents silver ownership, allowing you to own and transfer vaulted silver without the hassle of having to move physical silver around.

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Why silver? Precious metals are one of the most stable stores of value, and keep wealth protected even when fiat currency fails and the economy is uncertain. SilverToken is the simplest way to buy silver, without needing to physically store it. All you need is a digital wallet and some Ether (ETH).

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Save, Transact And Grow SLVT

When you own SLVT, you own silver. You can keep it as a safe investment, or use it to transact with other users, transferring it to their digital wallets. In the meantime, your SLVT grows in value in two ways. One is the appreciation of silver: as silver increases in value, the silver you own is worth more. The second is transactional growth: when SLVT is traded, part of the transaction fee is used to purchase more silver, increasing the silver value of each token.

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Redeem Your SLVT To Silver

SLVT means you own silver only if you are actually free to get the physical silver any time you want. Many investors hold silver or gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in their portfolio, but these shares don’t represent physical metal and don’t really shield your wealth from unpredictable events. That’s why SilverToken (SLVT) allows you to redeem your tokens for silver anytime, no questions asked, and have it shipped to you.

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