Currency, Backed By Actual Silver.

Discover the new Silver Standard.

The value of your money is prone to manipulation from governments and banks. Financial crises manufactured by human incompetence prove your wealth is not safe in their hands. SilverToken is an evolutionary monetary system using the real asset of silver you can redeem.

We can print as much money as we need, but can not guarantee it's purchasing power.

- Dr. Alan Greenspan, Former President US Federal Reserve

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Silver has been used as a stable store of value for thousands of years. Its supply is limited and takes time and work to unearth. Silver’s value is not going away anytime soon.


SilverToken is independent of governments, banks and the risks of financial systems. The silver is stored in private vaults and insured by Lloyd’s. Thus, SilverToken is dependable and safe from inflation.

Real Asset

SilverToken is backed by real silver that is truly owned by you. It’s liquid and can be redeemed for the physical silver anytime. When SLVT is exchanged, the silver backing increases.

What People Are Saying

In the past, we kept our investments real estate, but have moved over to SilverToken because it is portable and hidden form others.

- Giraldo W., Italy

With SilverToken, I own silver that is stored for free in a private vault that I could go get anytime, Thanks for allowing me to sleep better.

- Pablo L,. Spain

The only way I was able get money out of my country was buying SilverTokens and redeeming them when I got to the USA, My Family can not be more thankful.

- Zhang Wei, China

I made maximum gains trading Bitcoin and required an asset to keep my gains. I wanted real asset and so I found Silvertoken. Many thanks from me and my family.

- Vikram G., Germany

I am ready for the Euro to fall apart after Brexit, now that I have SilverDollars.

- Oliver H., England

I just wanted to own an asset that held it value and was portable.

- Jose R., Brazil

I like SilverToken and SilverDollar because they are the new honest money that I can redeem for Silver or sell for Dollars anytime I want.

- Jim S., America

The only way I was able to avoid the Rand loosing value was to buy SilverTokens, Thank you very very much

- Junior A., Cape Town

How The Silver Standard Works


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Purchase SLVT directly. Own physical silver stored in private vaults. Convert your existing silver to SilverTokens.


Growth / Yield SLVT

Growth from transaction fees increase the silver backing each token, increasing the amount of silver you own.


Redeem for Silver

Redeem SLVT for silver. Have it delivered or pick it up from one of our private vaults.


Silvertoken (SLVT) is a digital currency that serves as proof of ownership of investor grade silver stored in secure vaults. Unlike banks, SilverTokens are fully backed all the time and can be redeemed for physical silver at any time.

SLVT can be used to complete transactions like any other currency, but its value is stable as it is directly tied to silver — it can’t be devalued by anyone like fiat currency can.

Its value increases. Transaction fees are used to add to the silver backing the tokens. This means the more SLVT is used, the more silver your tokens are worth.

The silver is stored in a network of vaults around the world. It is fully insured by an insurance policy underwritten by Lloyd’s London to maximize investor security. Your wealth stays protected, no matter what.

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SilverDollar (SLVD) is a digital currency fully backed by silver, designed to be practical and easy to use.

Each SilverDollar has a fixed value of $1 USD in the form of $1 USD's worth of silver. This fixed conversion makes SilverDollar the perfect currency for everyday use unlike bitcoin and other digital currencies where you need a calculator. The value of SilverDollar is paired to the USD, but unlike fiat it’s redeemable for physical silver. Read more...

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